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Lance Corporal Danny Kearney
Fallout: New Vegas Character
Thought You Died
Sex Male
Race Hispanic
Level 38
Karma Very Good
Born 2265 (age 13)
Died 2365
Strength 6
Perception 6
Endurance 6
Charisma 6
Intelligence 6
Agility 6
Luck 6
Barter 50
Energy Weapons 72
Explosives 25
Guns 14
Lockpick 78
Medicine 42
Melee Weapons 86
Repair 33
Science 99
Sneak 61
Speech 55
Survival 10
Unarmed 68


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Clothing and ArmorsEdit

Early game: NCR bandoleer armor and combat armor.

Mid game:Reinforced combat armor mkII.

Late game:Desert ranger combat armor and elite riot armor.


Only weapons on the Grunt perk list. Most common/favorite:Grenade rifle, service rifle, All-American, assault carbine, .45 autopistol & smg, LMG.


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Danny Kearney is a trained scout/sniper assigned to the NCR General Staff G-2 (intelligence) section. He is currently on TDY (temporary duty) assigned to perform special intelligence operations for NCR Mojave Command.


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