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Marc Antony
Fallout: New Vegas Character
Sex Male
Race Human, caucasion
Level 50
Karma Very Good
Born born?
Strength 9
Perception 5
Endurance 10
Charisma 6
Intelligence 8
Agility 5
Luck 8
Barter barter?
Energy Weapons energy weapons?
Explosives explosives?
Guns 100
Lockpick 100
Medicine medicine?
Melee Weapons 100
Repair repair?
Science science?
Sneak sneak?
Speech 100
Survival survival?
Unarmed unarmed?


Four Eyes & Wild Wasteland


Intense Training(x8), Super Slam, Old World Gourmet, Lady Killer, Bloody Mess, Toughness(2), Stone Wall, Finesse, Long Haul, Jury Rigging, Tag!, Sneering Imperialist, Confirmed Bachleor, Here And Now, Shotgun Surgeon, Rad Resistance and Rad Absorption.


Clothing and ArmorsEdit

1st Recon Beret

Lucky Shades

Joshua Graham's Armour


Marc preferred melee weapons over ranged weapons, in tradition with Caesar's Legion. His favoured weapons was Oh Baby! but as his end was dawning he bagan to develop a liking for the Blade of The West. A hunting Shotgun was always close at hand if a melee victory wasn't on the cards, always preferring to finish off enemies with a quick Coin Buck to the face so that Caesar's was the last they ever saw.


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Caesar's Legion, Frumentarii Caesar's Legion, Scout, Courier.


Honest Hearts - Complete

Old World Blues - Complete

Dead Money - Complete

Lonesone Road - Complete

All Legion quests up to Veni Vidi, Vici - Complete

Powder Gangers - Wiped Out

Brotherhood of Steel - Wiped Out

NCR Garrisons in the Mojave - Wiped Out

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