Strength effects on weaponsEdit

  • For each 2 ST above the required weapon ST, you gain +1 damage. Example:
Weapon Required ST Normal damage Current ST Current damage
Broadsword 12 2d6 14 2d6+1
Mace 11 2d6-1 17 2d6+2
  • This bonus automatically applies to any melee or thrown weapon, but to take advantage of it for missile weapons, you must acquire a weapon expressly built to take advantage of the extra strength. For example: A ST16 figure will only have the +3 damage on a horse bow if he acquires one specifically made for extra ST, i.e., a stronger pull. A ST15 figure will get the +2 damage on a boomerang when they acquire a heavier/larger boomerang.
  • Note: Daggers do not gain this bonus.

Fine WeaponsEdit

  • Fine weapons can be made by a master armorer. You can have up to +1 DX and +2 damage crafted. The cost for each is shown on the following table:
Bonus Cost multiplier Time to craft
+1 DX x10 Cost / 200 weeks
+1 damage x10 Cost / 200 weeks
+2 damage x20 Cost / 200 weeks
+1 damage, +1 DX x100 Cost / 500 weeks
+2 damage, +1 DX x200 Cost / 500 weeks
  • Example: A fine broadsword, +2 damage, +1 DX would cost 80 * 200 = 16000 silver, and take 32 weeks, while a +1 damage dagger would cost 10 * 10 = 100 silver and take .5 week.
  • Note: The time it takes to craft a normal weapon is cost / 150 weeks.

Fine armorsEdit

Armor Hits stopped DX- Cost Time to craft
Fine cloth armor 2 0 500 2.5 weeks
Fine leather armor 3 -1 1000 5 weeks
Fine chainmail 4 -2 2000 10 weeks
Fine half-plate 5 -3 3000 15 weeks
Fine plate 6 -4 5000 25 weeks

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